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Pat Quinn | CEO

Acumen, action and achievement.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Pat has built and led international communication and consulting companies. Her current focus is to bring the Monarch clothing solution to market, and to build a successful global brand which caregivers and care recipients recognize and value.

Dr. Kristine Goulet, D.C. | President

Insight, initiative and ingenuity.

During her firsthand experience as caregiver, Kristine saw a problem, and she worked until she had a solution - the unique concept of Monarch’s redefined adaptive clothing. She continues to focus on building and executing the garment strategy, keeping it both creative and functional.

Sheri Bender | Channel Relationship Manager

Passion, fashion and compassion.

Sheri’s wealth of experience in retail, fashion and caregiving make her an ideal industry relations manager. She is committed to creating partnerships in the care community that will make the Monarch dressing solution the industry leader.

Sonia Prancho | Fashion Designer

Design, development and dedication.

Our fashion design specialist, Sonia, has hands-on involvement in all phases of the development of Monarch’s product line from conception through manufacturing. She has a keen interest in designing person-focused and socially-conscious fashions.

Virginia Quinn | Lived Experience Advisor

Clients, quality and common sense.

Combining decades of experience as a nurse, together with her personal experience and wisdom, Virginia sees that our products align with the needs of the seniors’ marketplace. Before an item goes to market, she ensures that Monarch’s standards for both fashion and function are met.

Liz Dietrich | Communications Consultant

Strategy, storytelling and stuff.

Liz has worked as a communications expert for much of her career, and as a caregiver for much of her life. As Monarch's wordsmith, Liz ensures that all marketing, sales and communications materials accurately reflect Monarch’s mission and passion.

Isabel Joson | Social Media Coordinator

Marketing, media and mission.

A specialist in the field of digital media production and marketing, Isabel builds brand awareness by handling all aspects of Monarch's social media presence. She stays on the leading edge of appealing and effective communications.