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Black 3/4 T

From: $89.99 CDN

From: $89.99 CDN
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Getting dressed is easy.

75% less body manipulation.

Hugs the body.

Protects skin and regulates temperature.

Because it feels good.

Increased comfort during dressing.

It’s like a gentle hug.

The Monarch Base is comfort. It wraps the body in soft, natural fabric. Skin stays covered and there are no scratchy fasteners or labels. It’s designed to go on easily too, with minimal effort for the wearer and maximum convenience for the dresser.


We use the best fabrics we can find. In fact, we built it from the thread up. When you get your hands on a Monarch Base, we’re sure you’ll agree. It’s made of TENCEL™ Modal fibres which are all about natural comfort and softness, even after repeated washing. Because of these fibres, the Monarch Base breathes and helps to regulate body temperature.


Before we put the Monarch Base on the market, we put it through rigorous testing and that included heavy-duty laundry cycles. It held up! Both the shape and the colour were retained. You’ll find your Monarch Base to be easy to care for. It’s built to stand up to industrial-strength washers and dryers.


Team Monarch is as committed to the environment as we are devoted to our customers. We want to ensure that everything we do, from our fabric selection through to our manufacturing process is as environmentally responsible as it can be. We choose fabrics that are biodegradable and compostable, and buttons that are all-natural.

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