How to Use

The best of both worlds. Function meets fashion.

Simply gentle dressing in comfortable clothes that look great.

It’s as easy as 1...2...3...

Step 1

  • Start with Monarch's Easy-On T-shirt. Wear it on its own or layer it with an Open-Back blouse.
  • Unique wrap-around design with side snaps provides pain-free dressing.
  • Suitable for lying down or seated dressing.

    Step 2

    • Layer the Open-Back blouse on the Easy-On T-shirt for warmth and color.
    • Quick and easy dressing - slide onto arms from the front, secure with single snap behind neck.
    • Less fabric along the back means less risk of fabric bunching along spine.


     Step 3

    • Finish with a matching pair of pants.
    • Unique Comfort Band snaps closed around the waist for quick and discreet changing of incontinence briefs.
    • Designed for people using wheelchairs or in bed and wearing incontinence briefs.

    We recommend printing these instructions to share with caregivers. 


    Printable Adaptive Clothing Brochure