Frequently Asked Questions

Monarch Products

What makes your Easy-On T-shirts special?

Our innovative Easy-On T-shirts have a patent-pending design that revolutionizes the assisted-dressing process! Since this base garment hugs and protects the skin, we insist on using only the most comfortable and highest quality fabrics. TENCEL™ Modal, with a bit of stretch added is incredibly comfortable against the skin and durable enough to withstand industrial washing/drying - no problem! In addition, the design of this highly technical top requires extra skill and care in the manufacturing process.

What makes the Monarch Clothing System unique and better than other adaptive clothing options?

Our 2-part top ensures that one’s body will be protected and covered at all times with no gaping or bunching of excess fabric. (Fabric bunching behind the back creates pressure against the skin when leaning against a wheelchair, creating an environment for skin injury.) The Easy-On design makes both the caregiver’s and wearer’s life easier since it is also so much easier to put on and take off. Why can’t a comfortable and functional garment be beautiful too? No reason. Our fashions are current, fun and designed to make you look AND feel your best.  

Why aren’t Monarch’s clothes as cheap as other adaptive clothes?

It’s true, Monarch’s clothes aren’t cheap. That’s because we want to provide you with good looking clothes that will last. We didn’t want to simply copy what the competition was doing, so we invested considerable time in research and development to come up better, patent-pending designs. You’ll find that we use better fabrics that wick away moisture and help regulate body temperature, and you’ll be pleased at how well your Monarch pieces stand up to heavy duty laundry machines. We’re proud to say that Monarch clothes are made in Canada, adhering to ethical labour and sustainability practices.

Monarch Moments

What is a Monarch Moment?

Monarch believes that when you are wearing comfortable clothes and you look good – you feel better!  Better than what? Better than when you weren’t wearing Monarch! So send us a pic of how great you or your loved one looks wearing Monarch and we will share your moment with our Monarch community. 

Want to join our community? Send us your picture wearing Monarch and we will add you to our Monarch Moment Blog! Use the CONTACT form below to introduce yourself and we will respond with instructions on what we need for the photo.


I entered the wrong shipping or billing address, what do I do? 

Not to worry, get in touch with us and we will make the correction on the back end. You can call us at 1-866-627-2429 or use the CONTACT form below to notify us. Be sure to leave us your phone number.

I am having challenges placing my order on the website?
If our site is not currently working properly or if buying through a website is just not your thing, please feel free to give us a call 1-866-627-2429 and we will gladly process your order over the phone.
I ordered your clothing as a gift.  Are there prices on the box?
Not to worry – all of our clothes are individually packaged and our items and packing slips do not include any pricing on Canadian shipments. For export purposes, our shipments to USA addresses have to include pricing.

Commitment to Protecting the Earth

I care about our Earth and its people.  Does Monarch?

Absolutely! We embrace social and environmental health within our organization and with our partners.

How do we do that? We look for products that are processed in an environmentally respectful way.
Our T-shirts are made of TENCEL™ Modal branded fibers. This fabric offers a natural comfort and it is also a choice that aligns with Monarch’s values. TENCEL™ Modal is manufactured in an environmentally-responsible production process and it is certified as compostable and biodegradable.
Even our buttons are made from Corozo, a nut also known as vegetable ivory. Corozo nuts are a renewable resource and although strong and durable, are also completely biodegradable. While being respectful of the environment, using these buttons also helps support the local economy and the Amazon forest.
Monarch is careful to manage its manufacturing process closely and limit waste. If we have left over fabric, we use it in the prototyping of new products!  And we encourage our customers to donate their well-maintained adaptive clothing to those in need if they no longer require it.
Currently our clothing is all made in Canada, a country known for its fair labour laws.  As we grow, we know we will have to supplement the Canadian production with manufacturing from other countries and will ensure we only source from manufacturers where their people are treated and paid fairly.  And where they care as much about their environment as Monarch and its customers do!