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Adaptive clothing is clothing specially designed for people who need help dressing. This includes individuals who have physical disabilities, those living with dementia and the elderly, anyone who does not have full range of motion. Adaptive clothing is designed to be put on an individual by a caregiver. Where regular clothes have buttons and zippers, and require clothing to be pulled over the head, adaptive clothing avoids these challenges and makes life easier for the care partners.

Easy to Wear. Easy to Care.

Monarch has redefined adaptive clothing and offers a patented, all-new alternative in assisted dressing. Monarch’s brand of assisted clothing offers fashion, function, sustainability and heart. It looks current and stylish, in fact, you can’t tell by looking that it’s specialized clothing. And it’s designed with both the wearer and the carer in mind so that the dressing process goes smoothly and quickly. Watch our videos and see!

How the Monarch System Works

It’s a two-part system. You start with the base layer, known as the MonarchUNDER. This is the layer that goes on first. It’s designed for comfort, covering and protecting delicate skin and regulating body temperature, an ideal choice for those with limited mobility who are prone to feeling cold. Monarch chooses natural TENCEL™ Modal fabric which is breathable, wicking, eco-friendly and biodegradable. With this on, there is no risk of exposed skin or pressure sores which can happen with other adaptive clothing. The MonarchUNDER features simple snaps that never touch the skin and there are no Velcro fasteners that can scratch the skin and damage fabric in the laundry. In fact, there are NO labels whatsoever that ever contact the skin.

Next comes the top layer, known as the MonarchOVER. Where the MonarchUNDER is about function, the MonarchOVER is about fashion. Available in a variety of colours, patterns and styles it is designed to look fashionable and lift the spirit. Whether the day calls for comfy casual or refined elegance, there is a MonarchOVER to fit the occasion. It goes on easily and closes with a single snap at the back of the neck, and it can be changed in seconds if it gets soiled.

Caregivers report that dressing an individual in Monarch clothes is the easiest clothing solution available today. They remark that it takes less time and there is no strain on their own bodies and that the individual they are dressing feels no pain or discomfort.

Best of all, Monarch pieces are made with heart, because everyone on Team Monarch has a loved one who helped inspire us to offer the best.

If you’d like some friendly advice, the team at Monarch Clothes would be happy to talk with you. Call us at 1 866 627 2429 or email us at [email protected].