Adaptive Clothing for the Disabled

Designed for the Disabled and on SALE!


Comfort and style for the disabled woman who requires assistance dressing. Monarch's fashionable designs make dressing a snap!  Pain-free, comfortable and easy. 

If your handicap affects daily activities such as dressing and toileting, Monarch's adaptive clothing will help you and your caregiver with a quicker dressing solution. Durable, wash 'n wear tops and pants survive the rigours of industrial laundering.

Simply gentle dressing in comfortable clothes that look great.

Step 1
Easy-On T-Shirts slide on from the front and snap closed along the side, ensuring there are no pressure points along the back for those in wheelchairs.

    Step 2

    Open-Back Blouses add a layer of warmth and style.

    Step 3

    Adaptive Pants are for the incontinence brief and wheelchair user who deserves a dignified toileting experience.

    Proven and Trusted. Designed by a Doctor and Family Caregiver.

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