Adaptive Clothing ON CLEARANCE SALE

Adaptive Clothing ON CLEARANCE SALE

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When women living with dementia or Alzheimers require assistance dressing, Monarch's fashionable clothing is here to make her day better. 

Assisted dressing is easier, quicker and much more gentle with Monarch.

  • Clothing slides on safely from the front - never over the head!
  • Snaps secure the clothing - no scratchy Velcro.
  • Everything has stretch - for long lasting comfort.
  • Adaptive pants provide full coverage - for dignified, easy incontinence brief changing.

Proven and Trusted. Designed by a Doctor, who cared for her mother while she lived with Alzheimers. 

It’s as easy as 1...2...3...

Step 1

  • Start with the Easy-On T-shirt. Wear on its own or layer with an Open-Back blouse.
  • Unique wrap-around design with side snaps provides pain-free dressing.
  • Suitable for lying down or seated dressing.

    Step 2

    • Layer the Open-Back blouse on the Easy-On T-shirt for warmth and color.
    • Quick and easy dressing - slide onto arms from the front, secure with single snap.
    • Less fabric along the back means less risk of fabric bunching along spine.


     Step 3

    • Finish with a matching pair of pants.
    • Unique Comfort Band snaps closed around the waist for quick and discreet changing. 
    • Designed for people using wheelchairs or in bed and wearing incontinence briefs.

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