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Weaving a Beautiful Narrative

Dr. Kristine Goulet, D.C., President, Monarch
Aug 2, 2018
How to support someone who is living with dementia Picture this. An older gentleman sits still, looking frozen with his eyes fixed in a far-off gaze. His daughter is sitting across from him and is looking a bit sad and bored. Typical 2-way conversations with her dad... Read More

Real Business Women Don’t Cry. Until Now.

Pat Quinn, CEO, Monarch
Jul 26, 2018
I’m one of those women you know from a distance.  You know the type.  As strong and determined as Margaret Thatcher.  Who can multitask like Elon Musk.  And as stoic and emotionally controlled as Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. WAIT.  What?! It caught me totally by... Read More

Better Ways to Dress with Dementia

Dr. Kristine Goulet, D.C., President, Monarch
Jul 10, 2018
If you have a loved one who is living with dementia, they may have challenges dressing independently. As a family caregiver, it may be challenging to respect their independence while at the same time offer assistance so that the dressing process is as comfortable as... Read More

What is Adaptive Clothing?

Liz Dietrich, Communications Director, Monarch
Jun 24, 2018
Adaptive clothing is clothing specially designed for people who need help dressing. This includes individuals who have physical disabilities, those living with dementia and the elderly, anyone who does not have full range of motion. Adaptive clothing is designed to be... Read More