Better Ways to Dress with Dementia

If you have a loved one who is living with dementia, they may have challenges dressing independently. As a family caregiver, it may be challenging to respect their independence while at the same time offer assistance so that the dressing process is as comfortable as possible.

As long as they are able to dress themselves, support them. When the time comes that they need help, Monarch’s patent-pending and innovative clothing solution offers pain-free dressing that is both the easiest and most fashionable on the market.

Here are some tips that may help both you and your loved one along their journey:

  • Lay the clothes out for the person in the order you typically get dressed in. For example, bra and underwear first, a pair of pants second, then a top.

  • Provide step-by-step dressing instructions or hand the clothing one piece at a time to avoid confusion.

  • Reduce the number of choices for your loved one by putting some clothes away in another room. They may get confused when faced with many options because each time they look at an option, they may not remember what the previous choices available were. It is best to keep one or two outfits in their wardrobe.

  • If your loved one insists on wearing the same clothing every day, buy three or four sets of the same clothes.

  • Consider comfortable, adaptive clothing such as Monarch’s wrap around T-shirts and open-back tops.

Monarch has redefined adaptive clothing and offers a patent-pending, all-new alternative in assisted dressing. Monarch’s brand of assisted clothing offers fashion, function, sustainability and heart. It looks current and stylish, in fact, you can’t tell by looking that it’s specialized clothing. And it’s designed with both the wearer and the carer in mind so that the dressing process goes smoothly and quickly.

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Dr. Kristine Goulet, D.C., President, Monarch