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Adaptive Clothing Redefined

Need help dressing yourself or a loved one?

Monarch’s Fashions Contribute to Emotional Wellbeing

“If we like to dress up all of our lives, why would that change if we find ourselves in the care of others? Monarch understands that fashion matters – how one looks impacts how they feel about themselves.” — Ewa, Personal Support Worker, LTC home

Monarch is Innovative

“Exactly what is missing for people with dressing challenges!” — Sam, Personal Support Worker, Developmental Residence

Monarch is #1

“Better, by far, than what is out there.” — Carolyn, Customer

Monarch Has it All

“Flattering and functional!” — Leesa, Executive, Actress, Advocate for individuals with disabilities

Monarch is an Answer to a Need

“It’s nice to see easy, fashionable options for those with disabilities.” — Melanie, Personal Care Worker

Monarch Supports Caregivers Too

“After 20 years working in long-term care, I think I can speak for both caregivers and families. These products benefit everyone!” — Brenda, Nurse, Long-term Care

Monarch's Designs Lift Spirits

“We call these the ‘happy clothes’ because they make everybody smile.” — Kim, Personal Support Worker, Long-term Care

Monarch Makes Dressing Easier

“I like that I can be more gentle when I’m dressing someone, and what’s best is seeing how these colours and styles cheer up our residents.” — Keri, Personal Support Worker, Long-term Care

Why Monarch?

We’re on a mission

Getting dressed is easy.

75% less body manipulation.

Because it feels good.

Increased comfort during dressing.

You’re doing the right thing.

Designed by healthcare practitioners.

Prevents pressure sores.

No fabric bunching on the back.

Protects your investment.

Stands up to industrial washing.

She looks great.

Colourful, coordinated, and classic.


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