MONARCH™ is an innovative clothing solution specially designed for individuals who require assistance dressing.

We have experienced caregivers on our design team who have firsthand knowledge, and who understand that comfort, ease-of-dressing and looking great lead to happy experiences for everyone.

Monarch designs are not only functional, they’re fashionable. In fact, they’re inspired by classic fashion icons in color palettes that make putting an outfit together a snap! The Monarch innovation? No seams, Velcro or labels that irritate the skin and damage fabrics in the laundry. We use only the most comfortable fabrics with 4-way stretch for clothes that move with the body. And our innovative patent pending slide-on, slide-off technology saves time and combined effort during dressing.

It’s easy to wear, and easier to care. Monarch is what has been missing. It is adaptive clothing, redefined.

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In choosing a name we looked for a symbol of endurance, change and hope. The monarch butterfly was a perfect fit. Majestic, it possesses all the qualities of the loved ones we keep in mind when designing our clothing; beautiful, delicate, wise and resilient.

In particular, we are inspired by the monarch’s wings. Admired for their elegance, these wings are strong, carrying the monarch thousands of kilometres every year for migration. At the same time, they are delicate and need to be protected.

We aim to provide the best combination of beauty and protection for your wise and resilient loved one.