Need help dressing yourself or a loved one?

We’ve got you covered. Monarch’s 2-garment system offers the best of both function and fashion. After intense research and development, we have revolutionized adaptive clothing. Try it.

Step 1:

The MonarchUNDER goes on first, next to the skin to provide protection and comfort.

Step 2:

The MonarchOVER goes on top for personal style and colour.

Easy to Wear. Easy to Care.

Monarch has redefined adaptive clothing and offers an all-new alternative – assisted dressing which is clothing that makes it easier for a caregiver to assist someone get dressed. And Monarch’s brand of assisted clothing offers fashion, function, sustainability and heart. It looks current and stylish, in fact, you can’t tell by looking that it’s specialized clothing. And it’s designed with both the wearer and the carer in mind so that the dressing process goes smoothly and quickly. Watch our videos and see!